Version 5.1.0 Released

Hi all,

I have just released Version 5.1.0 to the Google Play and Amazon stores. Included is a rare crash bug fix (Thanks Jason!) and few tweaks for Lollipop devices. I also went ahead and included the link to the Help Section, even though it’s not 100% done. I’ve started on the Programmer Help and will continue adding sections.

Scientific Help

The scientific help section is a bit more than half finished. I will be adding more content (and examples) to the complex numbers section as well as some miscellaneous examples which will go in the other functions area.

I do apologize as the help section is taking a bit longer than I would like but I’ve had some other commitments pulling me away lately.

**Edit 9/7/2015**

I have updated the complex numbers section and also added a section for order of operations.