Archives 2018

Version 6.7.0

Hi all,

Another update just released, with the following changes:

  • Updated some fonts.
  • Added a setting to use a monospaced font.
  • Added an adaptive icon for Oreo devices.

Version 6.6.2

Hi all,

I released a minor update that improves app rotation speed for some users.

Version 6.6

Hi all,

I just released Version 6.6 which adds the option to use RPN mode with an input buffer.  This will be familiar to anyone who’s used an HP48 or similar calculator.  There are some minor fixes and improvements as well.

Version 6.5.1

Hi all,

I just released an update that fixed a few issues some users were having.  If you had increased your system font sizes, this would have affected the app unexpectedly.  Also, I have turned off full screen (hiding of the status bar) when split-screen was active.

  • Fixed an issue when using split-screen while hiding the status bar.
  • Fixed an issue when the system font-sizes were set larger than the default.

Version 6.5

Hi all,

I just released the latest update which adds split-screen support to Android Nougat (or higher) devices. Sorry for the delay on this feature but the built-in support for selecting layouts (and font-sizes) works well for some parameters but not for aspect-ratio.

Anyhow, there are three keyboards (portrait, landscape and square). Square was previously only for tablets but split-screen changes that. The system will automatically pick the best keyboard and screen height for the size it is given and every device is a bit different. I did my best to unify the three keyboards while changing as little as possible.

A few side effects of adding split-screen is that now the free version gets landscape support. The two features are not mutually exclusive. Also, all orientations now get a scrolling display and all orientations for the programmer-mode will now get the binary-bit display.