Version History

  • Added back Copy Result for the calculation history’s context menu.
  • Updated constants to the 2018 CODATA values.
  • Fixed a scenario in RPN history records where parenthesis weren’t showing.
  • Updated the fullscreen setting to Android’s latest implementation standards.
  • A few other small fixes.


  • Equations are now editable, and results will show in real-time. Use the arros to move the cursor, or by tapping a spot in the equation.
  • Stack veiw has been removed. Algebraic Statistics are now calculated from the history.
  • MS auto-saves to the M register if it’s empty. MR auto-recalls the M register if it’s the only one saved.
  • Updated all keyboard layouts. Basic mode now has access to Fractions and Y^X.
  • Improved Fraction and DMS handling.
  • Lots of minor improvements.


  • Minor fixes.


  • Minor fixes.


  • Updated some fonts.
  • Added a setting to use a monospaced font.
  • Added an adaptive icon for Oreo devices.


  • Improved rotation speed for some users.


  • Added a few unit conversions.


  • There are now two RPN modes (Standard and Buffered). Standard is the same as before. Buffered uses an input buffer instead of entering values directly on the stack.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed a rounding error when using complex powers.


  • Fixed an issue when using split-screen while hiding the status bar.
  • Fixed an issue when the system font-sizes were set larger than the default.


  • Added split-screen support for devices running Android 7.0 or higher.
  • Some buttons were moved around in order to maintain consistency across layouts.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.


  • There are now two Algebraic Modes (Prefix and Postfix). Prefix allows you to enter calculations as you would read them. Postfix allows you to enter numbers first, then the operation.


  • Algebraic mode now more closely matches traditional-style entry. Calculation expressions can be entered as you would read them. You can now enter 3sin(45) as you see it.
  • Complex i and all constants (like π) are now treated as variables. You can now enter as you see it. This also works in RPN mode.
  • Operator precedence has been lowered for functions MOD, NCR, NPR and Δ%. This more closely matches industry-standard computational engines. They now sit just below the S in PEMDAS.


  • MOD is now extended to Complex Numbers.
  • Improved a lot of expression logic.
  • Updated the text on a few shifted buttons.


  • Expressions now print with separate colors for the operators and parentheses. This can be disabled in the settings.
  • The settings menu has also been updated a bit.
  • Factorial, NPR and NCR now handle Complex parameters.
  • Expressions now show what’s been entered instead of what it’s been evaluated to.
  • Expressions now show the symbol for the Physical Constants.
  • Many minor improvements and fixes.


  • Internal precision has been increased.
  • NPR and NCR now handle decimals and negatives.
  • Updated layouts to better fit large devices.
  • Updated some constants (per the NIST Reference).
  • Moved a few buttons around (per user feedback).
  • Added Last-X in RPN mode.
  • Added back CE (except for RPN mode).
  • Fixed memory bug in programmer mode.
  • Left drawer can now be swiped open.
  • Minor styling changes thoughout.
  • Minimum supported version is now Jelly Bean


  • Minor Bugfixes


  • Increased precision during division.


  • Fixed bug where raising negative number to a fractional power was not returning a complex result.


  • Fixed rare bug in remainder function.


  • History Expressions now show Grouping Separators.


  • Added back CLR for RPN Users (hold for CLS).


  • Added a new Basic Mode.
  • Simplified the RPN buttons.
  • Updated a few of the Themes.


  • Fixed misspelling of Avogadro in the Constants Menu.


  • Updated Settings Screen for Lollipop and Newer Devices.


  • Added Menu Link to New Online Help.
  • Added Conversion Units for MASS:Grains and ANGLE:Mil (NATO).
  • Fixed a rare crash bug. (Thanks Jason!)
  • Removed the unwanted button shadow on Lollipop devices.


  • Minor bugfix.
  • Make it even easier for RPN users to enter complex ‘i’ value.


  • Make it easier for RPN users to enter complex ‘i’ value.


  • Fixed error in negative, non-integer factorial values.


  • Complex Numbers!!! (free version is limited to rectangular form)
  • New hybrid (prefix & postfix) input system. Prefix mode is indicated by a “grayed out” 0.
  • In expression-view, you can now backspace through your entire expression.
  • Decimal precision can now be adjusted in Standard Notation.
  • Added unit conversions for Density, Torque, Angle and Android DPI.
  • Updates for Lollipop including ripple animations.
  • Gamma functionality has been merged into Factorial.
  • And more…


  • Fixed crash in FROYO when pressing Decimal.


  • Fixed the misspelling of Microjoules.


  • Minor change in the Navigation Drawer styling.


  • Full theme makeover (12 full / 5 free).
  • Memory storage increased to 10 registers.
  • Holding CLR/CLS now clears history when using the Expression display.
  • Added the description to the results page of the Conversion dialog.
  • Reduced some extra parentheses in expressions.
  • Some double-negative expressions now cancel each other out.
  • Performance and memory usage improved.
  • Changed 0^0 to equal ‘Error’.
  • Changed 0th root of N to equal ‘Error’.


  • Added a new expression display (non-RPN).
  • Stack display on most phones is now a full list in portrait view.
  • New Navigation Drawer and Action Bar.
  • Two new themes (one in the free version).
  • New theme-selection menu.
  • Improved fraction printing (full version only).
  • Visual ehnancements to the dialogs.
  • Added option to switch SWAP and DROP in RPN mode.
  • Fixed a rare bug in Scientific and Engineering display.
  • Support for d-pad/trackball dropped (touchscreen now required).
  • Extra hi-res art for XXHDPI devices.
  • Improved accuracy and performance


  • Added an option to reset X to 0 after it is pushed to Y.
  • Added a Remove option to the Stack List context menus.
  • Added a Roll Up button in RPN mode (also on the Stack Dialog).
  • Improved expressions for Sequention input method.
  • Minor theme modifications.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Minor bug fixes.


  • New Icons.
  • Fractions!
  • Expression-based History.
  • New Precision Dialog.
  • New Statistics Dialog.
  • Three New Themes.
  • Copy & Paste.
  • Degrees, Minutes, Seconds.
  • Gamma Function.
  • Delta Percent Function.
  • Random Number Generator.
  • About 100 More Unit-Conversions.
  • More Statistics, More Constants.
  • Option to Keep Screen On.
  • Calculator Modes are now entirely separate.
  • Multi-Touch buttons on supported versions of Android.
  • Custom Action Bar support where applicable.
  • Successive EQUALS presses repeats the last calculation.
  • Rounding changed from Half-Even to Half-Up.
  • Percent(%) now multiplies by Y in RPN mode.
  • Many Font and Theme tweaks.
  • Numerous internal improvements.


  • Graphic overhaul to gorgeous 3D bitmaps!
  • Custom tailored 7″ and 10″ tablet layouts!
  • The stack dialog is now built into the tablet layout (no more pop-up).
  • ICS and Jelly Bean devices now have the “Holo” theme for options and settings menus.
  • Dialog pop-ups have been changed to a slightly Holo-inspired look.
  • Some dialogs will no longer take up the whole screen (device dependent).
  • The free version theme had to be completely redesigned for the 3d look.
  • Stack depth can now be set from 20-50 in increments of 10.
  • Primary and secondary button sizes adjusted on the portrait, phone layout.
  • All themes have been renamed.
  • Fixed some misspellings in the conversions.
  • Numerous other, minor improvements.


  • Redesigned font-system to give a more consistent look across all device sizes.


  • Larger main-button text for large phones / small tablets.
  • Reduction in overall memory footprint.
  • Avoided a known Android memory leak.


  • Tweaked theme colors to improve contrast.
  • Added new theme (full version only).


  • Additional UI tweaks for X-Large tablets.
  • Reverted a minor UI change from 1.05 that caused an undesired side effect.


  • Performance Improvements.
  • Various UI tweaks across all device sizes.


  • Bugfix – Modified keyclick sound to avoid a bug in some Android versions.


  • Unit conversions added!
  • Various UI tweaks across all device sizes.


  • Shift Button is now cancelled by any dialog or menu.


  • Bugfix – Prevent button presses while bit-popup is launching.
  • Bugfix – Prevent sound crash under very rare circumstances.


  • Initial Release