Major Release – V6.0

Hi all,

I just released a major update that upgrades all floating point calculations to arbitrary precision. I settled on 35 digits for the best balance between precision and speed, however, all my unit testing is performed at (every value from 1 to) 200 digits.

This release also updates the display on phones to better make use of modern, larger phone screens. I also added some features and changes based on user feedback. The full release list can be found here.

In order to better maintain the app in the future, I also had to make a few tough decisions. The minimum Android Version is now 16 (Jelly Bean). Old devices will continue to be able to use their installed version, but will not be able to download anything new from the store. I also removed the Sequential Input Method (where 1+2×3=9).

Screenshots have been updated on the store pages, but I will update them on this site soon.