V1.10 Released

  • Graphic overhaul to gorgeous 3D bitmaps!
  • New custom-tailored tablet layouts!
  • The stack dialog is now built into the tablet layout (no more pop-up).
  • ICS and Jelly Bean devices now have the “Holo” theme for options and settings menus.
  • Dialog pop-ups have been changed to a slightly Holo-inspired look.
  • Some dialogs will no longer take up the whole screen (device dependent).
  • The free version theme had to be completely redesigned for the 3d look.
  • Stack depth can now be set from 20-50 in increments of 10.
  • Primary and secondary button sizes adjusted on the portrait, phone layout.
  • All themes have been renamed.
  • Fixed some misspellings in the conversions.
  • Numerous other, minor improvements.

All screenshots have been updated.