Version 2.0 Released!

I have just released Version 2.0 to the Google Play Store.  It may take a few hours to show updated in the store.  Screenshots have also been updated. Here is the full changelist:

  • New Icons.
  • Fractions!
  • Expression-based History.
  • New Precision Dialog.
  • New Statistics Dialog.
  • Three New Themes.
  • Copy & Paste.
  • Degrees, Minutes, Seconds.
  • Gamma Function.
  • Delta Percent Function.
  • Random Number Generator.
  • About 100 More Unit-Conversions.
  • More Statistics, More Constants.
  • Option to Keep Screen On.
  • Calculator Modes are now entirely separate.
  • Multi-Touch buttons on supported versions of Android.
  • Custom Action Bar support where applicable.
  • Successive EQUALS presses repeats the last calculation.
  • Rounding changed from Half-Even to Half-Up.
  • Percent(%) now multiplies by Y in RPN mode.
  • Many Font and Theme tweaks.
  • Numerous internal improvements.

Note:  For performance reasons, the History Feature will automatically dismiss saving an entry that is deemed too large.  You likely will not encounter this.