Version 4.0 Released!

Hi all, I have just released version 4.0 to the Google Play store and also now to the the Amazon App Store! All screen shots have been updated on here. I really hope everyone likes the new themes.

Here is the basic changelist:

– Full theme makeover (12 full / 5 free).
– Memory storage increased to 10 registers.
– Holding CLR/CLS now clears history when using the Expression display.
– Added the description to the results page of the Conversion dialog.
– Reduced some extra parentheses in expressions.
– Some double-negative expressions now cancel each other out.
– Performance and memory usage improved.
– Changed 0^0 to equal ‘Error’.
– Changed 0th root of N to equal ‘Error’.

I am very sorry but upgrading from the previous version will wipe your history and settings back to defaults.