Version 5.0 Coming

Hi Everyone!

I must apologize, I haven’t updated the site in a while but I’ve been hard at work on the next update.  You asked for it, you got it…Complex Numbers will be in the next release.  Here’s the current change-list for the next update:

  • Complex Numbers (free version will be limited to rectangular form).
  • New hybrid (prefix and postfix) input system.
  • Expression View now allows you to backspace(DEL) through your entire calculation.
  • Added unit-conversions for Density, Torque, Angle and Android DPI.
  • Updates for Lollipop Devices including ripple animations.
  • Improved contextual drop-down menu.
  • Gamma functionality has been merged into Factorial.
  • Various keyboard changes.
  • New App Icons

So, you’re probably wondering when will it release? I am almost done with the implementation and soon will be into the testing phase.  There were a ton of internal changes to accommodate complex numbers so I expect testing to take at least a month.  I’ll keep you posted.