Version 6.2

I just released the latest BETA version to all users. This version adds the following:

  • The MOD function now supports complex numbers.
  • I’ve improved a lot of subtle expression logic.
  • I’ve updated some text on a few of the shifted buttons.

Additionally, all MOD operations in the Scientific Mode have been switched over from Truncated Modulo to Floored Modulo.  In Programmer Mode, MOD will remain as Truncated Modulo because it is far more ubiquitous across programming languages.

Truncated Modulo : a mod b = a-b*trunc(a/b)
  Floored Modulo : a mod b = a-b*floor(a/b)

Feel free to google the applicable differences, but for real numbers the changes will only affect negative values.  Floored Modulo is more popular in handheld scientific calculators and gives you more options as a user anyway…so it was a no brainer for me.