Version 7.0.1

Hot on the heels of Version 7 is another update with the following changes:

  • Added back Copy Result for the calculation history’s context menu.
  • Updated constants to the 2018 CODATA values. Sorry, this took so long…and yes, we’re all still waiting on the 2022 ones to be finalized.
  • Fixed a scenario in RPN history records where parenthesis weren’t showing.
  • Updated my Fullscreen setting to Android’s latest implementation standard…with two caveats:
    • I won’t be utilizing the status bar area if you have a camera hole, as I want that area to stay unobstructed.
    • Android insists on showing the navigation bar (bottom) any time the back button can be useful. Essentially, all pop-ups/dialogs/etc. will show the translucent overlay. It’s barely noticeable though if you use gesture navigation on your phone.
  • A few other small fixes.