Large update in the works…

I have another update coming in a week or so few weeks.  I’ll be upgrading the overall look and feel, including more-realistic looking 3D button skins. Pop-up dialogs will be tweaked (slightly inspired by the Android Holo theme). ICS and JellyBean devices will also get the Holo-themed options and settings menus.

Also included in this update will be a much nicer, dual-pane tablet layout for 10″ tablets. I’m not sure if 7″ tablets will have enough real estate for it but I will see.

8/9/2012 *Edit* I’m working on the last few bits of polish and testing.  I’m hoping to release V1.10 in a few days.  7″ tablets did make the cut for a dual pane horizontal layout.  I’ll post a full change-list upon release.