Next Update

I have an ambitious list of new features in mind for the next update:

  • New Icons.
  • Successive EQUALS presses will repeat the last calculation.
  • Expression-based history.
  • Copy / Paste.
  • Fractions.
  • Gamma Function.
  • Delta Percentage.
  • Degrees Minutes Seconds.
  • Random Number Generator.
  • Add a few┬álot more unit-conversions.
  • Simplify all stack-based statistics on one pop-up dialog.
  • Add more stack-based statistics.
  • Three additional themes.
  • Options setting to keep the screen from timing-out.
  • Change behavior of % in RPN to multiply by “Y” if it is present.
  • Give each mode its own stack, memory and history.
  • Add multi-touch buttons on supported Android versions.
  • Basic action bar where applicable.