Archives February 2018

Version 6.4

Hi all,

I just released Version 6.4 which lets you choose one of two Algebraic Modes (Prefix & Postfix). Prefix allows you to enter calculations as you would read them, while postfix allows you to enter numbers first, then the operations.

This way, everyone gets what they want :)

Version 6.3

Hi all,

I just released an update that’s been requested by many, many folks. Algebraic Calculations in Expression View are now entered just like you would read them. Here’s the full change list:

  • Algebraic mode now more closely matches textbook-style entry. Calculation expressions can be entered as you would read them. You can now enter 3sin(45) as you see it.
  • Complex i and all constants (like π) are now treated as variables. You can now enter as you see it. This also works in RPN mode.
  • Operator precedence has been lowered for functions MOD, NCR, NPR and Δ%. This more closely matches industry-standard computational engines (example on Wolfram Alpha). They now sit just below the S in PEMDAS.