Version 7.0.1

Hot on the heels of Version 7 is another update with the following changes:

  • Added back Copy Result for the calculation history’s context menu.
  • Updated constants to the 2018 CODATA values. Sorry, this took so long…and yes, we’re all still waiting on the 2022 ones to be finalized.
  • Fixed a scenario in RPN history records where parenthesis weren’t showing.
  • Updated my Fullscreen setting to Android’s latest implementation standard…with two caveats:
    • I won’t be utilizing the status bar area if you have a camera hole, as I want that area to stay unobstructed.
    • Android insists on showing the navigation bar (bottom) any time the back button can be useful. Essentially, all pop-ups/dialogs/etc. will show the translucent overlay. It’s barely noticeable though if you use gesture navigation on your phone.
  • A few other small fixes.

And…We’re Back!

Well…technically, I never left.

I’ve just been working on a really, really large (for me) update for the last few years. Soon, I’ll be releasing Version 7.0.0 which is a complete rewrite of about 1/2 of all my code. This was required to ultimately do what I’ve always wanted…and that was to have editable equations.

There were also a LOT of challenges AND decisions to make when switching over to editable equations. The old version was super rigid and made some of those things easy. Now, there’s a lot more freedom…and that introduced a lot of situations where I had to put a lot of thought into things.

One example you’ll notice, is that the new app will do a lot of guiding you when your cursor is at the end of the equation (far right). However, when you’re in the middle…you can type whatever (mostly) you want. Even if it doesn’t make sense at first, it might later once you finish editing. I plan on adding more feedback in the future, as to why an equation doesn’t parse…should you have entered one.

Another thing everyone has been asking for, is real-time results. I loved the idea, but I really didn’t want to get rid of the concept of the current operand. This is now displayed in the top bar. As you type or navigate with the cursor, the current operand will be displayed. For example, an equation of 3.5 + 3² with a cursor anywhere around the will show a current operand of 9. Meanwhile, your result of 12.5 will be displayed too.

This is an important concept, because different functions operate on different things. For example, if you’re at the end of the equation, the following rules generally apply:

  • Works on numbers first, then operands, then results.
    • Negate
    • Fraction
    • DMS

  • Works on operands first, then results.
    • Operations (single variable … Square, Reciprocal … etc)
    • Calculations (multi variable … Power, Add, Subtract … etc)
    • Conversions
    • Memory Saves
    • Bit Manipulation

If you’re in the middle of an equation, some of those rules still apply, but others don’t. For example, if you type a ² in the middle of the number 27…it won’t square the whole thing. You’ll get 2²7 which is interpreted as 2²⋅7 =28. Of course, I tried to make everything as intuitive as possible…where possible.

Another big change is the parentheses handling. Previously, I was a bit over-excited about adding clarification parenthesis everywhere. Now, the new update will add clarification parenthesis as you type, and occasionally after you hit equals. You can also affect the behavior based on the order you type things. I did this very much on purpose, because it gives you more options…and it’s partially been the behavior you’ve been used to. For example:

  • If you type -, 8, ² in that order…you’ll end up with (-8)² = 64
  • If you type 8, ², – in that order…you’ll end up with -8² = -64

Of course, you can add your own parentheses wherever.

All in all, I think you’ll really like the update. Bear with me as I roll everything out…or if you find a bug. This website is mostly updated, but the HELP section will come a bit later. I need a break and to hang out with my family for a bit ;-)

P.S. Sorry about two things:

  • I wasn’t able to release this to BETA in advance. I was under a Google deadline out of my control.
  • This update will reset your preferences (theme, etc). This was unavoidable for the size of the update, internally.

Long Time, No Update?

Hello Earth,

Many astute CalcTastic users have noticed that there hasn’t been an update in a while. Some features just take a LOT longer as they require major reworks (under the hood). Also, as a one-man team, the time I can devote to development is impacted by my other life obligations, both personally and professionally.

Fear not though, I’m definitely still supporting the app and there will be updates in the future.

Best regards,

Version 6.7.0

Hi all,

Another update just released, with the following changes:

  • Updated some fonts.
  • Added a setting to use a monospaced font.
  • Added an adaptive icon for Oreo devices.

Version 6.6.2

Hi all,

I released a minor update that improves app rotation speed for some users.