Scientific Help

The scientific help section is a bit more than half finished. I will be adding more content (and examples) to the complex numbers section as well as some miscellaneous examples which will go in the other functions area.

I do apologize as the help section is taking a bit longer than I would like but I’ve had some other commitments pulling me away lately.

**Edit 9/7/2015**

I have updated the complex numbers section and also added a section for order of operations.

Help Section in Progress

Hi all,

I’ve started adding an online help section for CalcTastic. You can find the link in the menu above. I will be leaving the pages open to the public as I am working on them. They are very incomplete as of now, please check back if a section you are interested in is not yet filled out. As always, you can contact me if you have any questions in the mean time.

I will be keeping the help section strictly online in order to keep the application code lighter weight and also to make updating it much simpler and faster. Once complete, I’ll be releasing an update that will have a link in the menu.