Google Play BETA

Hi all,

I’ve added the opt-in links to the Google Play BETA. Feel free to participate, or not. The choice is yours but, whenever there are updates, I always release them to the BETA users first.

You’ll need to own the respective application and then sign-in with the Google account you downloaded/purchased it with.

Also, once you become a BETA tester, you can’t seem to write a review anymore.  The system only lets you leave private feedback at that point, so don’t forget to leave a 5-star review before joining. =)

Version 6.2

I just released the latest BETA version to all users. This version adds the following:

  • The MOD function now supports complex numbers.
  • I’ve improved a lot of subtle expression logic.
  • I’ve updated some text on a few of the shifted buttons.

Additionally, all MOD operations in the Scientific Mode have been switched over from Truncated Modulo to Floored Modulo.  In Programmer Mode, MOD will remain as Truncated Modulo because it is far more ubiquitous across programming languages.

Truncated Modulo : a mod b = a-b*trunc(a/b)
  Floored Modulo : a mod b = a-b*floor(a/b)

Feel free to google the applicable differences, but for real numbers the changes will only affect negative values.  Floored Modulo is more popular in handheld scientific calculators and gives you more options as a user anyway…so it was a no brainer for me.

Version 6.1

Hi all,

I just released an update with some great features:

  • Expressions now print with separate colors for the operators and parentheses.  This can be disabled in the settings.
  • The settings menu has also been updated a bit.
  • Factorial, NPR and NCR now handle the full complex plane.  (I don’t know another Android calculator that can do that except possibly the HP Prime App!).
  • Expressions now show what’s been entered instead of what it’s been evaluated to.  For example: 7E3 used to always print out as 7,000 but now it will show what you’ve typed.
  • More items will now be saved to history.  Previously, if you just typed 5 =, it would not have saved.  Now it will.
  • Expressions now show the symbol for the Physical Constants.

Major Release – V6.0

Hi all,

I just released a major update that upgrades all floating point calculations to arbitrary precision. I settled on 35 digits for the best balance between precision and speed, however, all my unit testing is performed at (every value from 1 to) 200 digits.

This release also updates the display on phones to better make use of modern, larger phone screens. I also added some features and changes based on user feedback. The full release list can be found here.

In order to better maintain the app in the future, I also had to make a few tough decisions. The minimum Android Version is now 16 (Jelly Bean). Old devices will continue to be able to use their installed version, but will not be able to download anything new from the store. I also removed the Sequential Input Method (where 1+2×3=9).

Screenshots have been updated on the store pages, but I will update them on this site soon.