V1.10 Released

  • Graphic overhaul to gorgeous 3D bitmaps!
  • New custom-tailored tablet layouts!
  • The stack dialog is now built into the tablet layout (no more pop-up).
  • ICS and Jelly Bean devices now have the “Holo” theme for options and settings menus.
  • Dialog pop-ups have been changed to a slightly Holo-inspired look.
  • Some dialogs will no longer take up the whole screen (device dependent).
  • The free version theme had to be completely redesigned for the 3d look.
  • Stack depth can now be set from 20-50 in increments of 10.
  • Primary and secondary button sizes adjusted on the portrait, phone layout.
  • All themes have been renamed.
  • Fixed some misspellings in the conversions.
  • Numerous other, minor improvements.

All screenshots have been updated.

Large update in the works…

I have another update coming in a week or so few weeks.  I’ll be upgrading the overall look and feel, including more-realistic looking 3D button skins. Pop-up dialogs will be tweaked (slightly inspired by the Android Holo theme). ICS and JellyBean devices will also get the Holo-themed options and settings menus.

Also included in this update will be a much nicer, dual-pane tablet layout for 10″ tablets. I’m not sure if 7″ tablets will have enough real estate for it but I will see.

8/9/2012 *Edit* I’m working on the last few bits of polish and testing.  I’m hoping to release V1.10 in a few days.  7″ tablets did make the cut for a dual pane horizontal layout.  I’ll post a full change-list upon release.

V1.09 Released

I have just released V1.09 to the Google Play store with an important update for some users.  Long story short, the Android “recommended” way of setting font sizes is very inconsistent because devices get grouped together which are quite different.  Hence, I created a new system that should give a more consistent look no matter the device.  The Motorola Atrix, Galaxy Nexus and 7-inch tablets should really notice an improvement.  More “standard” devices, like a Galaxy S2, won’t notice much of anything.

V1.07 Released

The full version has just been updated with a new theme.  Great reason to upgrade if you haven’t yet.  V1.07 also included updates to all other themes to improve contrast.

Unit Conversions Added!

We’ve just updated both versions of CalcTastic to include a comprehensive Unit Conversion feature.  Choose from over 100 units in 13 different categories.

Screenshots have been updated on our site and on the Play Store.